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Wild Sun Choke Soup

It’s mid-November and after a truly epic 2023 mushroom season, the fields are calling to me again. I just adore the cyclical nature of foraging. As soon as one thing ends, another is ready for harvest. Spring greens are back up along roadsides and wood edges – bittercress, garlic mustard, wild onions and more!

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maitake soup recipe

Cape Cod Cream of Mushroom Soup

Cape Cod Wild Cream of Mushroom Soup It’s that time of year when hens are flushing like crazy throughout New England. There is nothing better to enjoy on a cool fall night than a hearty bowl of delicious mushroom soup and my friend Lisa, who lives on Cape Cod, has the best recipe I have ever made or tasted. No surprise, the recipe requires a lot of good butter and cream. For those interested in a cream-less mushroom soup, don’t […]

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