(season: early spring)

Forsythia bushes not only offer a delightful burst of color in early spring, but the flowers are edible and can be used in many food, DIY beauty & body care recipes. I have a bunch growing in my back yard and love going out as the weather warms up to gather the happy yellow flowers. Their petal shape always reminds me of an unsteady toddler hug.

As an edible, use them for a fun and festive touch by sprinkling over salads or using as a garnish on plated food.  They add a simple, delicate element to mealtimes. For a tasty addition to your pantry try forsythia jelly, which tastes a bit like honey.    

Or, make a super simple forsythia tea, put the forsythia flowers in a half pint jar. Bring the water to a boil and pour over the flowers. Let the flower tea steep for several hours and enjoy!  

Forsythia Recipes

1. Forsythia Jelly

2. Forsythia Syrup

3. Forsythia Beauty/Herb Ideas

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