(season: early spring through late summer)

Easy, abundant and a personal favorite of mine, daylilies offer a wide variety of edible delights. You can find them throughout New England within ornamental landscapes, old homesteads, fields and gardens. I have a large colony growing in my back yard, snuggled comfortably next to an old stone wall. 

Daylilies are a popular staple in Asian cuisine and they are used both fresh and dried. Every part of the daylily plant is edible: you can pluck the young shoots, boil the tubers like potatoes, spruce up your salads with its bright orange petals, or pickle the flower buds.  

Daylily buds have more protein and vitamin C than green beans or asparagus and as much vitamin A as asparagus.   

*Eat just one flower the first time to see how you react. Some people are allergic to daylilies and others respond to their medicinal qualities at lower doses.  

Pick ONLY the orange daylilies, as other colors have been cross hybridized.   

Daylily Recipes

There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy daylilies, but here are a few of my favorites:

1. Daylily Fritters

2. Summer Squash and Daylily

3. Sauteed Daylily Shoots

4. Daylily Soup

5. Pickled Daylily Buds

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